Toyota is one of the world’s Greenest companies, states the Newsweek

Big recognition came for the entire Toyota company this time. In Newsweek’s annual green ranking list, Japanese brand manage to get the place among top 50 Companies. Its ranking shouldn’t surprise anyone, since we already talked about Toyota’s green policy, but what did surprise many is that this great brand was chosen as one of the greenest among all companies. WOW!

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Toyota earned its #35 in the Global 500, and it was positioned higher than some of the largest companies worldwide, including Microsoft, Google, Nike and Coke. This success is huge by itself, but that’s not all. Newsweek ranked Toyota as second greenest company in automotive industry. During this evaluation, completely 8 indicators were taken into consideration. Those include:

  1. Combined Energy Productivity
  2. Combined Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Productivity
  3. Combined Water Productivity
  4. Combined Waste Productivity
  5. Green Revenue Score
  6. Green Pay Link
  7. Sustainability Board Committee
  8. Audited Environmental Metrics

Toyota Company

With their “green initiatives” and constant improvements and upgrades in this segment, Toyota saved over 93 million gallons of water in North America. In their North American Plants Toyota managed to reduce energy use by 22%. And last, but not the least Toyota Financial Services issued the auto industry’s first-ever Asset-Backed Green Bond to finance the purchase of almost 40,000 green vehicles.

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