Toyota engineers to participate in the One Lap of America race

Toyota always has some interesting news for us, and this time the Company announced that two of its Production Engineers will take part in this year One Lap of America endurance race. Engineers’ names are Anthony Maganoli and Stephen Byington and they both have professional racing experience. This makes the whole news more interesting. They will drive the TRD Scion FRS, specially built for this occasion.

One Lap of America Toyota engineers

Engineers will have the help from their 10 PE Team Members to make the racing Scion FRS as perfect as possible for the race. One Lap of America starts at May the second, and lasts for 7 days. It starts and ends in Indiana. This event will be followed by Toyota’s social media accounts, so that followers could have an insider in company’s involvement in the One Lap of America. During this race, drivers will cross the distance of nearly 4,000 miles, and participate in 10 race events on different racetracks.

One Lap of America Toyota

As Toyota announces, participation of its engineers in the One Lap of America has a purpose to enhance their experience and problem solving skills, which will ultimately result in better approach to vehicle’s creation, and ultimately better vehicles for the customers. Engineers confirmed this claim, saying that “…the driver and co-driver are pushed to the max as well having to endure long hours in transit between events with no support crew to help with repairs or maintenance along the way.”

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