Toyota FT-1 Concept

Japanese automaker revealed Toyota FT-1 Concept at this year Detroit Auto Show in January. Even the name of the Concept is symbolic, where FT stands for “Future Toyota” and 1 marks the ultimate. When it was revealed, the biggest attention was dedicated to futuristic design of this great vehicle. Its mechanic specs are not reveled, but Toyota revealed some interesting details about this sports car. According to latest info the FT-1 Concept is what future Supra will look like.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Front

Toyota FT-1 Concept design

Toyota FT-1 Concept was designed in Toyota’s CALTY Design Research studio, in South California. Practically each segment in FT-1’s design is based on the fact that it is a sports racing machine, which will deliver ultimate speeds on the roads. A pillars are swept back which allows the driver better visibility. The cockpit is small and placed far behind, in order to deliver best possible weight distribution for the car. The windshield is wrapped-around the cockpit, which, beside visibility, also delivers unique appearance, which we saw on Toyota 2000GT.

Inside the Toyota FT-1 Concept designers made a cabin which “celebrates” the driver. The display zone surrounds the driver, while the controls are placed in order to provide most functionality and simplicity of use. It is built out of light-weighted materials, and designed in a minimalistic direction, with specially crafted steering wheel. The main controls are placed in driver’s line of sight, to provide maximum focus on the road during the ride.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Interior

Toyota FT-1 Concept mechanic possibilities

Although the performance specs are not revealed, Toyota accentuated that the FT-1 Concept is built as true race car. The engine will be placed in front, while the power will be transmitted to rear wheels. With a vehicle built this way, the only acceptable machine which could empower it is the V8 engine. Some sources speculate that the vehicle which goes into production based on this model will probably be run by a 5.0-liter V8 powertrain found under the hood of the Lexus RC F.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Rear

Toyota FT-1 Concept in production?

Although immediately after he big reveal of this amazing concept few vehicles names pumped out, as possible production car, this will not happen any time soon, according to Toyota experts. The biggest interest and best guess was the 2016 Toyota Supra, which all saw as the FT-1 production version. However, seems like this will not happen for 2016 model year, at least of it is to believe sources close to the company.  Eventually, Supra is probably the car that will be built based on this concept, but, most likely, for 2017 model year. However during the presentation of the Toyota FT-1 Concept officials of the Japanese automaker said that, when it is produced, its price will not be sky-high, since this company is known for best price-quality ratio. In fact, some figures were mentioned too. Alex Shen, the studio chief designer hinted that we can expect production version to start around $60,000, which is great for this class vehicle.

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