2016 Toyota Hilux Engines, release date, pics

2016 Toyota Hilux Front

The model that has been around for a very long time is now scheduled for its big redesign, and the beginning of its eight generation. It is the 2016 Toyota Hilux, midsize pick-up truck, manufactured by Japanese producer no. 1 and world’s biggest car producer. Redesigned model is spied on the streets of Southern Europe during testing, and changes that will be made for 2016 model year are instantly noticeable, even through its camouflage. 

2016 Toyota Sienna Redesign?

2016 Toyota Sienna Front

When it comes to minivans, car producers usually make longer lasting generations, and that’s the case with 2016 Toyota Sienna too. Upcoming model will not be redesigned, as some might expected it, but rather slightly enhanced. Its changes will mainly be related to some equipment updating and some designing details which will make a difference, and slightly upgrade and modernize its appearance. Since 2015 Sienna already gained refreshed grill and taillights, there will hardly be any work done on those areas.

2016 Toyota Sequoia Redesign and release date

2016 Toyota Sequoia Front

A lot of rumors could be heard in past couple of months when it comes to 2016 Toyota Sequoia. At some point, Japanese producer even thought about ending the production of this SUV. This decision was reviewed due to unsatisfactory sales results of the model, but luckily, Toyota’s officials made the right decision, at least according to Sequoia’s fans. 2016 model year will not bring anything exiting when it comes to its looks and performance.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Diesel engine, release date, news

2016 Toyota Tacoma Front

Seems like tough competitors forced Japanese producer to launch a new generation with its 2016 Toyota Tacoma. This extremely popular mid-size pick-up truck will be redesigned for upcoming model year, with changes that will affect almost every segment of it. General Motors recently revealed its redesigned GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado, which speeded up generation switch of Tacoma pick-up.

2016 Toyota Tundra with Cummins diesel

2016 Toyota Tundra Front

Japanese producer prepares a big redesign for 2016 Toyota Tundra. The model is quite old right now, since current generation started back in 2007, and 9 years I automotive world today is pretty long period. However Tundra is not the same as it was at the beginning of previous, second, generation since the model received minor changes and facelifts throughout the years. The biggest news, when it comes to 2016 Tundra are related to its performance, since Toyota seems to be placing diesel engine into Tundra’s engine line-up.