2017 Toyota Corolla Concept, Exterior, Interior, Engine

2017 Toyota Corolla Front

The new 2017 Toyota Corolla comes as a combination of probable design, comfort and elegance, with a dose of sporting looks that is what customers exactly need a family car with sporty looks and enviable performance. It was a time when this car was neglected in the market, it is expected that this sports sedan that can accommodate up to 5 passengers who will easily enjoy the ride will be one of the leading competitors in its category.

2017 Toyota Sequoia Concept, Engine, Review

2017 Toyota Sequoia Front

Toyota’s new model 2017 Toyota Sequoia is about to hit the market, the manufacturer made sure that this car is refreshed and modernized. As is already known, the first model of the SUV was released in 2000, and since then has been primarily dedicated to the needs of customers in northern United States, and many others. It is expected that as we have habits of these companies that the car will be worked superbly and their every model so far.

2017 Toyota Camry Review, Release, Concept

2017 Toyota Camry Front

The company Toyota is coming for a new model Camry which is one of the best-selling sedans of the manufacturer, which means that there will be a lot of attention to the new 2017 Toyota Camry whose previous model came out in 2011. The car will be updated and improved in each segment, and expected to lovers of luxury and modern cars attract very quickly.

2017 Toyota Verso Review, Engine, Release, Price

2017 Toyota Verso Front

The company Toyota is very famous for producing genuine family car, so we from the company’s new model arrives and another family car and it’s 2017 Toyota Verso. This car will get a new refreshment and improvement and only confirm that the manufacturer is one of leaders on the market in category of family cars. There is no doubt that this will all contribute to a better demand and sales of this compact family car.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Review, Engine, Release

2017 Toyota 4Runner Front

Manufacturer 2017 Toyota 4Runner big SUV will surely improve and enhance the off-road car, suitable for all types of terrain along that provides a high level of comfort and convenience, which makes this superb car. Company has not yet emerged with concrete, what information will be all included in this model, but it is assumed that it will exceed all expectations. It comes in four standard versions such as TRD Pro, Limited, SR5 and Trail.

2017 Toyota Mirai Concept, Hybrid, Engine, Performance

2017 Toyota Mirai Front

A new model to come from Toyota and it’s 2017 Toyota Mirai. As we’ve come to expect from the company to a high level of luxury and build quality cars, so will be the new model. His appearance will be even more futuristic and more modern than ever. Also there is some information about the new Fuel Cell Toyota model, but it’s just a rumor that the manufacturer has not confirmed this.

2017 Toyota Yaris Concept, Hybrid, Review, Release

2017 Toyota Yaris Front

The company Toyota comes completely redesigned 2017 Toyota Yaris, it can’t be called just a facelift version of its predecessor because it will be a lot of changes, it will use the best materials in the preparation, and the acoustics of the car will be improved. This car will be developed in Europe. It is assumed that the new design and improvements to attract new customers of this miniature cars.

2017 Toyota Vios Review, Release, Price

2017 Toyota Vios Front

Manufacturer this model will no doubt improve and enhance the car, there is expected to small changes in the design, modernization of the entire car, the interior will get some new technology, the engine will be refreshed, which will surely contribute to a better economy, the new 2017 Toyota Vios will be a real luxury car primarily for family and all the people that are lovers of comfort, good performance and modern car.

2017 Toyota Matrix Review, Engine, Price

2017 Toyota Matrix Front

Car manufacturer Toyota has not released the information regarding the 2017 Toyota Matrix model, it is assumed that the model will have a slight change in design. It is certain that Toyota will improve and modernize the car, as well as contribute to even greater comfort, because this is primarily a family car.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Review, Engine, Release, Price

2017 Toyota Tacoma Front

Since Toyota is expected to do what customers expect from the new model 2017 Toyota Tacoma, there will be a slight redesign and improvements, this car will be lighter weight, which will improve the car’s performance to be achieved by using carbon fiber and aluminum. It is not expected to be much larger changes in the appearance of cars, but for that manufacturer does not need with regard to the fact that this model quite well holds on the market.