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New Toyota Sienta!

Toyota Sienta

First, for people who don’t know, the Toyota Sienta is a small five-door, 7-seat MPV which is sold only in Japan. But according to latest news from Japanese giant – Toyota, this model will see its expansion really soon. It is said that the redesigned Sienta will be presented this July, and that its sales will begin in other Asian countries.

2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV

2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV

At 2015 Shanghai Auto Show we had a chance to see various world premiers. One of most interesting ones is definitely 2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV. Ranz is recently unveiled automotive marquee, a FAW-Toyota sub-brand to be precise. Main purpose of this new marquee is to produce affordable electric cars for masses. Latest E50 EV is all-new sedan, which is production version of the Concept which premiered two years ago. 

2016 Toyota Celica

2016 Toyota Celica front view

The 2016 model year, seems to be the year of the big returns and seems like Japanese automaker didn’t manage to resist this trend in the industry. The sports car produced between 1970 and 2006 seems to be coming back as 2016 Toyota Celica. Although information wasn’t confirmed by Toyota’s officials, rumors about potential return of the model into the automotive market seem to be getting louder.

2016 Toyota Tarago

2016 Toyota Tarago front view

Here is yet another MPV from Toyota’s family of vehicles, known under the various names, depending on the markets. In Japan, this minivan is known under the name Estima, in Australia as Tarago, and in other selling areas as Toyota Previa. The current, fourth, generation of the model started back in 2006, and the 2016 Toyota Tarago will probably be the first model of the new, fifth generation. Big redesign will, most likely, affect various segments. 

2016 Toyota Alphard

2016 Toyota Alphard side view

The 2016 Toyota Alphard is close relative to the minivan we reviewed earlier on, the Vellfire model.  Both these models went through the redesign for previous model year, so new one shouldn’t bring anything major. Changes that might happen include few cheap tricks that will make the model fresh as possible. Starting with the design, here are the most important specs for the new Toyota Alphard:

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser – News, price, release

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser front view

The Land Cruiser SUV is one of the vehicles with longest history from Toyota’s line-up. It was originally made back in 1951, but it was made in only 90 copies. Since then Japanese brand produced its Land Cruiser in convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and utility truck versions. The first copy of the vehicle was made for off-road oriented ride, and since 1961 Toyota started to produce comfort-oriented copies as well. Upcoming 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser will not bring drastic changes, since the big redesign and new generation is expected for 2017 model year, or perhaps even 2018. The reason for this is in fact that the Land Cruiser has long-lasting generations, and the current one started back in 2007, which allows the Toyota to prolong the big makeover. Let’s start with news and expectation regarding the 2016 model:

2016 Toyota Noah Review

2016 Toyota Noah front view

Toyota Noah is little known vehicle in US or Europe from Japanese giant. In fact this model is exclusively made and sold for the Asian market. It is an MPV capable to accommodate up to 8 passengers firstly produced back in 2001. Its redesign was made back in 2007, and upcoming 2016 Toyota Noah belongs to third generation of the model. This generation started with 2014 makeover, when Noah MPV received various interesting changes. Here is what we can expect from new, 2016 model year:

2016 Toyota Rukus News and review

2016 Toyota Rukus front view

The Rukus model is little known model from Toyota’s range, primarily designed for the Australian market. Its first, and current generation lasts for a while now, and looks like the 2016 Toyota Rukus will mark the beginning of the second gen with numerous changes. Its specific shape will probably be carried over, while changes which will modernize the look and driving specs of the model. So, without getting into too many details, here is what you can expect from the redesigned 2016 Rukus:

2016 Toyota Matrix News

2016 Toyota Matrix front view

Toyota’s Matrix model is a compact hatch, which was originally produced back in 2002, and launched as 2003 model. However, the production of this interesting model is discontinued in 2013 for US market, and a year later in Canada. The upcoming model year could bring news regarding this model, which could be offered again as 2016 Toyota Matrix. Whether this information are true or not, is left too, but here is what new Matrix will offer if its production starts again.

2016 Toyota Vios Review

2016 Toyota Vios front view

The 2016 Toyota Vios was upgraded for previous model year, but seems like Toyota aims to make one more step forward and to offer its customers even more with 2016 model. Changes will affect the exterior and interior of the upcoming Vios, but the engine will, most likely stay unchanged.  These changes will be done as part of Vios’s mid-cycle refreshment. Here are the latest news about what we can expect from the upcoming 2016 Toyota Vios: