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2016 Scion iA sedan and hatchback specs

2016 Scion iA Front

All-new model from Japanese brand is on its way. 2016 Scion iA is a “first company (Scion) sedan” according to the Company officials. Mazda and Toyota recently joined strengths in order to develop “better cars”. The agreement on long term partnership will be based on mutual cooperation where each company will invest its respective strengths to create the best car possible. As a result of this joint venture, the 2016 Scion iA seems to be the Mazda 2 with Scion badge on it.  Let’s see what this is really about:

2016 Scion iM hatchback specs

2016 Scion iM front view

Even though we had a chance to see concept version of the 2016 Scion iM model, the production edition is far less glamorous. It is based on the Toyota Auris, which is present on European market since 2012. Scion’s 2016 iM debuted at the 2015 New York Auto Show. Beside the iM, the Scion also presented its 2016 iA sedan, which will be reviewed in separate review.

2016 Scion xB Redesign

2016 Scion xB front view

Since Japanese multinational company Toyota is one of the largest companies worldwide, little is known that it has various divisions in automotive industry as well. Besides Lexus, which is now known as one of the class-leading automakers, Scion is yet another Toyota’s division. Unlike Lexus, which is primarily oriented towards luxury, the Scion is actually mainly focused on younger population. One of the best vehicles from Scion is the upcoming 2016 Scion xB, which will start its third generation with new model year.

2016 Scion tC

2016 Scion tC front view

Originally Scion presented its sport compact coupe back in 2004. Current version of Scion’s tC is in its second generation, which started back in 2011. However, the model didn’t achieve expected sales results, which forced Toyota to start the third generation even earlier than planned. 2016 Scion tC will come fully redesigned, and will mark the start of the third generation. With young buyers as target customers, Toyota will make some significant revisions on the upcoming Scion tC, but the makeover can’t affect the price significantly. 

2016 Scion FRS News and Specs

2016 Scion FRS front

Scion brand is a division of Toyota, specialized for production of vehicles for North American market. It was founded in 2002, and produced total of 6 models. FRS is the youngest in the line-up. 2016 Scion FRS will go through mid-cycle facelift, and changes made on this model will affect its weight, performance and design. However, the biggest fuss is caused the news about new body styles of the FRS, which will be offered with upcoming model year.