2017 Toyota Prius Review, Performance, Price

For Japanese companies Toyota is coming a new model 2017 Toyota Prius, which will be the fourth generation of this car. As the company said the car will be completely redesigned and improved. The manufacturer believes that this model is very quick and easy market penetration with the new advanced system fuel savings and more to be a great competitor in the sedan category. It will look much more attractive and elegant that will surely increase sales of this model car.

2017 Toyota Prius Front

2017 Toyota Prius Exterior and Interior

How can speculate this car will come fully redesigned and enhanced with a completely new chassis series, which will contribute to the car’s aerodynamics, which means that the car will be a kind of a sports sedan, for which the Toyota believe that customers will be delighted by this new model. Also lower chassis will be of great help in handling car, which will better lie down on the road and have a much better impression when driving.

Much attention will be dedicated to the interior of the car, which will be modernized and redesigned. It is also assumed that the work on increased passenger comfort, in addition to the standard steering wheel, which will be assumed to have some additional options, the new 2017 Toyota Prius will have a standard LCD screen, of course, USB ports, Bluetooth, and more functions.

2017 Toyota Prius Interior

2017 Toyota Prius Engine and Performance

It is assumed that the new 2017 Toyota Prius coming with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine combined with an electric motor which is speculated that the manufacturer has not yet decided whether to insert a nickel-metal battery or to retain the existing lithium-ion battery, for that information will have to wait for an official announcement from Toyota, as well as information what kind of transmission will be equipped with this engine. There are rumors that this model will come with an option for front-wheel drive and with drive to all four wheels. With all this and the engine will be much more economical and environmentally friendly.

2017 Toyota Prius Rear

2017 Toyota Prius Release and Price

It is still unknown when the 2017 Toyota Prius could be found on the market, but it is assumed that this should happen by the end of 2016, the price is also not known, there is some speculation that it will be somewhere between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000, which is this car is certainly acceptable price.

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