2016 Toyota Supra Review

Originally, Toyota Supra was produced back in 1978, when Japanese auto producer created this sports car, based on the Toyota Celica model. Its production was ended in 1998 in the US, while its production continued in Japan until 2002. The huge popularity of the vehicle could be seen in entertainment industry where Supra appeared on various occasions. It was featured in video games, music videos and movies. However the latest Concept vehicle, revealed by Toyota in January this year, called the FT-1 Concept, instantly started the rumors about the return of the iconic sports car, as 2016 Toyota Supra.

2016 Toyota Supra Front

2016 Toyota Supra design

The design of the 2016 Toyota Supra, both inside and out will be much like the FT-1. Its body will be built on a new platform which was developed by BMW and Toyota together. This new platform will serve as undercarriage for various sports cars, including BMW’s Z4. Based on light weight philosophy, it will deliver rear-wheel drive and front-placed engine structure. Headlights and entire front end will be swept back to deliver sportier, aggressive appearance and to provide high aerodynamics. Majority of exterior styling cues for 2016 Toyota Supra will be taken from the Concept vehicle – FT-1. On the rear end, we can notice accentuated rear spoiler, which is characteristic for Supra model.

Inside, Toyota designers make sure to make minimalistic, functional cabin, mainly focused on driver. Controls will be placed on the dash which is slightly curved onto the driver’s side, in order to provide easier handling. Beside simplicity, interior of the new Supra will exude with sports feel, and features will be placed in such an order to provide the driver easy approach without “taking the eye of the road”.

2016 Toyota Supra Interior

2016 Toyota Supra performance

The biggest interest, however, is on the performance of this roadster. The heart of this beast will be placed in front, while designers make sure to deliver rear-wheel drive which will give the maximum enjoyment in Supra’s performances. Although there are no official info regarding the engines, according to reliable car experts we can expect two units to be available.

Toyota will probably include both V6 and 4-cylinder units into the offer. Both these engines will be naturally aspired, and will deliver high power. According to latest info, new Supra will provide more than 400 horsepower, which is stunning. However the FT-1 engine delivered 518 horsepower, so we don’t exclude that possibility too. The exact info will not be revealed any time soon, since Toyota keeps 2016 Toyota Supra specs very secret, but keep in touch, since we will inform you about all latest Toyota news, as soon as it becomes available.

2016 Toyota Supra Rear

2016 Toyota Supra price and release

Up until few months ago, the release of the 2016 Toyota Supra was expected by the end of next, 2015 year. However, some things are changed with latest info details. Seems like Japanese manufacturer could delay the reveal of the long-awaited Supra for 2016 year, in which it will present it as a 2017 model. Since these information are not confirmed yet, we wouldn’t like to speculate much, and will keep an eye on that news. The price is indicated by Alex Shen, the CALTY Design Research studio chief designer, which hinted that we can expect the price to start around $60,000.

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