2016 Toyota Celica

The 2016 model year, seems to be the year of the big returns and seems like Japanese automaker didn’t manage to resist this trend in the industry. The sports car produced between 1970 and 2006 seems to be coming back as 2016 Toyota Celica. Although information wasn’t confirmed by Toyota’s officials, rumors about potential return of the model into the automotive market seem to be getting louder.

2016 Toyota Celica front view

The new model year will bring various changes, in both style and performance. Two versions which include regular and stronger engines will continue to be available. However, there is no info about exact engine that could empower the new Celica. Design of the model will be updated. More light weighted materials, and better shape will contribute to overall aerodynamics of the model. Features will include modern tech gadgets, and assist systems.

2016 Toyota Celica rear view

2016 Toyota Celica EST price and release date

Price of the 2016 Toyota Celica is still unavailable, although it will probably stay close to price range it had. This means that the model will be available for $20,000 approximately, or few grands more, depending on choices Toyota makes during the production. Release date is not expected before early 2016, while some sources state that it could be even later than that.

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  1. Looking forward for the 2016 Toyota Celia in white..

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