2016 Toyota Avensis facelift spy shots

Despite numerous rumors which hinted that Avensis will not be produced anymore, Japanese manufacturer decided differently. In fact 2016 Toyota Avensis was spotted on the streets of Southern Europe, during testing. Even with heavy camouflage on, changes made on this sedan were visible. Whether the upcoming Avensis will get a facelift or full redesign is left to see, but some changes are already known.

2016 Toyota Avensis front

2016 Toyota Avensis exterior and interior

Exterior changes are noticeable even when the Avensis is completely covered. The overall body structure stays pretty much the same. The majority of changes for 2016 model year will be made on the front end. Grill and headlights will have different design than the one seen on previous model. However the opinions among the car experts are divided when it comes to intensity of changes 2016 Toyota Avensis will suffer. Various sources indicate that new model year will bring new generation of the Avensis, while other implicate that Japanese producer prepared only minor facelift. Although it is still early to judge, we would have to agree with the facelift for the moment, if we judge by the test mule. Taillights will also be altered and modernized, which will further change overall image of the Avensis.

When it comes to interior, little is known. Beside the fact that new model year will bring several upgrades, it is unclear whether Japanese manufacturer will decide to change the design and dash arrangement, or the upgrades will be made on materials and features, rather than design. Both sedan and wagon body types will continue to be available.

2016 Toyota Avensis rear

2016 Toyota Avensis engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Toyota Avensis experts predict multiple changes and innovative solutions. It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether the current engine will be carried over or not. Current Avensis is empowered by various engines which include both petrol and diesel units. This trend will continue with the upcoming model as well. It will be offered with few petrol and diesel units, but will also include hybrid variant. Although the specs of the powertrains are not submitted yet, we don’t expect any major numbers when it comes to outputs.

No. 1 priority in new Avensis for Toyota engineers was the fuel economy. That department of 2016 Avensis’s performance will be on a high level, so customers that want a real fuel-saving car should wait for this model to come out.

2016 Toyota Avensis side

2016 Toyota Avensis price and release

After the speculations about the end of the production of this model, the release of the 2016 Toyota Avensis is not expected before end of next year. The sale date will probably be sometime early on 2016, since the spied test mule indicated that the model is still in early phases of its development. The price shouldn’t me much higher than the current one. Current price tag of the Avensis is around $28,000, while the 2016 model year will probably bring $1,000 or $2,000 increase, but not more than that. This means that we can expect  2016 Toyota Avensis price to start just under $30,000.

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