2016 Scion xB Redesign

Since Japanese multinational company Toyota is one of the largest companies worldwide, little is known that it has various divisions in automotive industry as well. Besides Lexus, which is now known as one of the class-leading automakers, Scion is yet another Toyota’s division. Unlike Lexus, which is primarily oriented towards luxury, the Scion is actually mainly focused on younger population. One of the best vehicles from Scion is the upcoming 2016 Scion xB, which will start its third generation with new model year.

2016 Scion xB front view

2016 Scion xB redesign

Although Toyota kept some things secret, its upcoming Scion xB will get various enhancements. Still unclear if the vehicle will continue to ride on the same platform, but reduction of weight is inevitable. More light-weighted components will definitely be incorporated into this latest model, in order to enhance fuel economy of the vehicle.

Exterior design changes will include revisions in the front end. In order to make 2016 Scion xB more modern, the producer will add some visual changes. Headlights and front grill will be redesigned, in order to respond to more modern styling direction in today’s industry. Grill will be much larger, and more accentuated, while headlights will be longer and narrower. Front bumper will also be revised. Overall body changes are not known at the moment, but there is a possibility for minor changes and tweaks in that part of the model as well.

Inside, 2016 Scion xB will have major overhaul. Its materials and dash design will be completely re-done. Higher quality made upholstery, and more modern and easier to navigate dash layout will be the focus points of the new generation interior design. Upgarded features and new ones added will also be included into the offer.

2016 Scion xB rear view

2016 Scion xB engine and mpg

Under the hood, Scion may keep its current engine. Besides that, we could also expect either a diesel or smaller powertrain in order to completely influence the vehicle’s fuel consumption. So far known engine is current 2.4-liter 4-cylinder unit with 158 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. Current transmission, which include 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual could get few more speeds. Front wheel will continue to be the drivetrain.

Previous model’s fuel economy was rated at 22/28/24 mpg city/hwy/combined, but things could change drastically regarding these rates. Reduced weight and transmission upgrade could easily enhance the vehicle’s consumption significantly.

2016 Scion xB interior view

2016 Scion xB price and release

The release of the new 2016 Scion xB is expected late this year, while precise date remains unknown. Price of the model will feature an increase, but nothing major. Expect it to start slightly under $18,000.

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