2016 Lexus LS changes, redesign

Flagship sedan from luxury car brand Lexus will continue its course as one of the main models from the line-up. New model year will bring major redesign, and beginning of the new generation which will start with 2016 Lexus LS. Some clues about what we can expect from this model were revealed by Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe in its interview for British magazine Autocar. As stated in the interview new LS will come with numerous improvements, although it will probably be launched as 2017 model.

2016 Lexus LS front

2016 Lexus LS exterior and interior

The popular LS sedan is currently in its fourth generation, which started back in 2006, and new generation starts a decade later. The sedan wasn’t unchanged throughout these years, but, major redesign will happen with 2016 Lexus LS. This redesign will start with new platform, which will be shared with2017 Lexus SC. The design details are unknown, since it is too early to prognosticate, but, according to Uyttenhoven its design will be more subtle and more elegant. Both front and rear ends will be redesigned, and whole body shape will be better sculpted to offer improved aerodynamics, and better visual impact.

As far as interior of the 2016 Lexus LS, rumors suggest that this redesign will not majorly affect its design, but rather will bring improvements in every segment. This includes better materials, and latest technologies.

2016 Lexus LS interior

2016 Lexus LS performance

Performance of the new Lexus LS is another subject. Under the hood of upcoming sedan will be some changes, which will result in more powerful model, with improvements in fuel economy as well. Standard engine for 2016 LS will be a 5.0-liter V8 with approximately 475 horsepower. Lexus also plans to launch LS F version which will be able to deliver around 600 horsepower with twin-turbocharged version of the same engine. 2016 Lexus LS series will also include hybrid version, which will probably be presented under the name LS H which will offer great fuel economy rates.

As far as drivetrain and transmission, we can expect something same and something upgraded. Rear-wheel drive will remain standard option, while all wheel drive continues to be available as optional. Transmission on the other hand will probably feature and upgrade, and we can expect 10-speed automatic to be offered across the 2016 LS range.

2016 Lexus LS rear

2016 Lexus LS price and release

New LS sedan is not expected to appear on the market before early 2016. Some sources even indicate that it will be available in mid-2016, and that it will be sold as 2017 model, which is not impossible at all. Its price tag is also debated, and even though an increase is obvious and sure, seems like experts can’t agree on the number. However, we believe that new LS will start with $75,000 price tag, and go up to $100,000, depending on variants and features you opt for.

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