2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV

At 2015 Shanghai Auto Show we had a chance to see various world premiers. One of most interesting ones is definitely 2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV. Ranz is recently unveiled automotive marquee, a FAW-Toyota sub-brand to be precise. Main purpose of this new marquee is to produce affordable electric cars for masses. Latest E50 EV is all-new sedan, which is production version of the Concept which premiered two years ago. 

2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV

The 2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV was influenced mostly by Toyota Corolla EX, which is also product from FAW-Toyota joint venture. The E50 will electric range of 120 km, which is pretty great. It will be powered by electric motor with 95 horsepower. The model will be launched in China, and it should be released during the second half of this year. 2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV price is expected to be around 150,000 yuan, which is around 22,500 euro.

GAC-Toyota is yet another joint venture of the biggest Japanese automaker aimed primarily for Chinese market production. At this year Shanghai auto show, GAC-Toyota presented also one hybrid vehicle – Leahead i1 EV concept. This model is based on Toyota Yaris, and it will be launched next year at the price of 90,000 yuan, which is around 13,500 euro. Its electric range will be around 130 km.

GAC-Toyota Leahead i1 EV concept

This new vehicles are part of Toyota’s strategy to make its hybrid sales to be 30% of its entire sales in China by 2020. In order to do so, Toyota will have to increase its hybrid offerings in this country. This plan has solid ground, since Chinese government has very strict rules about fuel consumption of vehicles there. By 2020, Chinese authorities mandated fuel consumption to be 5 liters per 100 km or less. This opens the door for electric vehicles and 2016 FAW-Toyota Ranz E50 EV and 2016 GAC-Toyota Leahead i1 EV are a step toward the goal Toyota plans to achieve.

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