Monthly Archives: June 2015

Toyota is one of the world’s Greenest companies, states the Newsweek

Toyota Company Logo

Big recognition came for the entire Toyota company this time. In Newsweek’s annual green ranking list, Japanese brand manage to get the place among top 50 Companies. Its ranking shouldn’t surprise anyone, since we already talked about Toyota’s green policy, but what did surprise many is that this great brand was chosen as one of the greenest among all companies. WOW!

Another award for the Sienna minivan

Sienna minivan

Just recently we wrote about reward and recognition Toyota’s Sienna minivan received at the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association (GAAMA). This time great three-row vehicle was honored with yet another recognition of its quality. Toyota engineers and designers must be very proud, since their product received the Best in Class Minivan Award at the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) Technology Conference.