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2016 Scion iA sedan and hatchback specs

2016 Scion iA Front

All-new model from Japanese brand is on its way. 2016 Scion iA is a “first company (Scion) sedan” according to the Company officials. Mazda and Toyota recently joined strengths in order to develop “better cars”. The agreement on long term partnership will be based on mutual cooperation where each company will invest its respective strengths to create the best car possible. As a result of this joint venture, the 2016 Scion iA seems to be the Mazda 2 with Scion badge on it.  Let’s see what this is really about:

New Toyota Sienta!

Toyota Sienta

First, for people who don’t know, the Toyota Sienta is a small five-door, 7-seat MPV which is sold only in Japan. But according to latest news from Japanese giant – Toyota, this model will see its expansion really soon. It is said that the redesigned Sienta will be presented this July, and that its sales will begin in other Asian countries.

It’s official! Toyota Sienna is the best family SUV

2015 Toyota Sienna

Well, seems like all the effort Toyota invests in order to make its vehicles as good as possible for the people with families doesn’t go unnoticed. Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association or GAAMA named 2015 Toyota Sienna the Best 3-Row Family Vehicle. This great tribute was made at the annual Family Choice Challenge which this organization held.