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2016 Toyota Wish Price, Specs

2016 Toyota Wish front

Although very few people from the European and US market heard about this MPV, it is one of the most popular ones on the markets where it is offered. Those markets include primarily Japan, but also, Singapore, Malaysia, and few other countries. Its diversity and practical setting made this van one of the most popular ones. 2016 Toyota Wish is expected to bring big redesign, since this model is currently in its second generation, which started back in 2009. It was originally produced back in 2003, and if it is to be believed to Toyota’s gen cycle, we can expect major improvements for 2016 model year. 

Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews, Price

Toyota FJ Cruiser front

One of the last remaining retro-style SUVs – Toyota FJ Cruiser will not be produced anymore, at least for a while. Its last model year seems to be 2014, and Japanese producer decided to end an era, and focus on its 4Runner, as a replacement for the FJ Cruiser. This decision seems to disappoint many people, but Toyota’s officials claim that 4Runner will be able to offer almost the same off-road capabilities as the FJ Cruiser.

Toyota iQ USA, Price

Toyota iQ Front

Toyota iQ is a small hatchback, city car, originally released back in 2008. It came to US land in 2011, while in Canada this model is known under the name Scion iQ since 2012, when it first appeared on that market. The lettering “i” in its name stands for “individuality, innovation and intelligence”, while the “Q” stands for “quality”. In some countries Japanese manufacturer discontinued the production of its iQ, but this great small city vehicles can still be purchased in various countries.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Release date

2016 Toyota Fortuner Front

One of the greatest mid-sized SUVs manufactured by Japanese auto producer, which is not available on the markets worldwide, is the 2016 Toyota Fortuner. This SUV is available in some parts of the world, and, as such, it comes combined with variety of different specs. Its engines differ depending on target market, so Fortuner offers few petrol and same number of diesel engines. It comes with three row seats and 4×4 drivetrain.

2016 Toyota Verso Price, Release date

2016 Toyota Verso Front

Toyota Verso is a 7-seat MPV from this Japanese manufacturer, primarily aimed for European market, but also for South Africa, China and Israel. Its production started back in 2009, when it was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show. 2016 Toyota Verso will bring couple of changes, which will enhance the comfort of the vehicle. Whether Toyota will keep its changes oriented on the comfort and styling details is left to see, since the company hasn’t revealed any info regarding the upcoming model.

2016 Toyota Yaris Price, Release date

2016 Toyota Yaris Front

Last model year changes brought some refreshment in both styling and features of the popular hatch. 2016 Toyota Yaris will not be as interesting and fresh as the 2015 model was, due to recent changes, and preparations for a new generation which should be released for 2017 model year. The reason we expect bigger changes in the 2017 Yaris is its living cycle, since the generation switch every six years, and last one, third, started in 2011. Now, the 2016 Toyota Yaris will be mainly carried over, with few additions which will make the difference between this model and precious one.

2016 Toyota Auris Specs, Engines, Price

2016 Toyota Auris Front

Originally produced back in 2006, Auris is currently into its second generation, which started with 2012 model. This compact five-door hatchback is primarily made for European market, while its name comes from Latin word “Aurum” which means “Gold”. Toyota offers this model in two body styles, including hatchback, we mentioned, and a station wagon. 2016 Toyota Auris will also be available in both body styles, and as a regular and Hybrid model.

2016 Toyota Avalon specs hybrid and changes

2016 Toyota Avalon Front

Currently in its fourth generation, 2016 Toyota Avalon will go through mid-cycle facelift for this model year. Its full redesign and start of the new generation was made back in 2012, and it is now time for small refreshment of the model. However both hybrid and regular sedan versions will be available, while hybrid variant is expected to appear slightly later than the regular one. Changes for the 2016 Avalon will include minor exterior revisions, and interior upgrades, mainly in materials and features.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price, Specs

2016 Toyota Mirai Front

The 2016 Toyota Mirai is an all-new Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Sedan with specific design and highly-innovative technologies. Mirai stands for “future” in Japanese, and this word describes the best the intentions Toyota had with this latest edition. Although the exterior is not quite by everyone’s taste, Japanese producer aims to make a turning point in modern car industry. First goal is achieved! Toyota is officially the first major brand that offered this type of vehicle.