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2016 Toyota Avensis facelift spy shots

2016 Toyota Avensis front

Despite numerous rumors which hinted that Avensis will not be produced anymore, Japanese manufacturer decided differently. In fact 2016 Toyota Avensis was spotted on the streets of Southern Europe, during testing. Even with heavy camouflage on, changes made on this sedan were visible. Whether the upcoming Avensis will get a facelift or full redesign is left to see, but some changes are already known.

2016 Toyota Supra Review

2016 Toyota Supra Front

Originally, Toyota Supra was produced back in 1978, when Japanese auto producer created this sports car, based on the Toyota Celica model. Its production was ended in 1998 in the US, while its production continued in Japan until 2002. The huge popularity of the vehicle could be seen in entertainment industry where Supra appeared on various occasions. It was featured in video games, music videos and movies. However the latest Concept vehicle, revealed by Toyota in January this year, called the FT-1 Concept, instantly started the rumors about the return of the iconic sports car, as 2016 Toyota Supra.

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept Front

Japanese automaker revealed Toyota FT-1 Concept at this year Detroit Auto Show in January. Even the name of the Concept is symbolic, where FT stands for “Future Toyota” and 1 marks the ultimate. When it was revealed, the biggest attention was dedicated to futuristic design of this great vehicle. Its mechanic specs are not reveled, but Toyota revealed some interesting details about this sports car. According to latest info the FT-1 Concept is what future Supra will look like.

2016 Toyota Prius Release date, News

2016 Toyota Prius Front

2016 model year will bring big redesign for the upcoming Prius. It will mark the start of the new, fourth,  generation. However, the recognizable shape of the popular hatchback will not be essentially changed. 2016 Toyota Prius spy shots recently flooded the internet, and triggered numerous rumors about the design of the model. Still, even with the spy shots, it is hard to predict the level of changes, or the details that Japanese automaker prepared, due to the fact that Prius was covered with heavy camouflage, which disabled any detailed analysis of its exterior.

2016 Toyota Corolla Redesign

2016 Toyota Corolla Front

Corolla Sedan is one of the best selling vehicles from Toyota’s car line-up, which was originally produced back in 1966. Even the first generation achieved great sales results and put the Corolla onto the list of most-wanted sedans. In 1997 this model was the bestselling car in the entire world. This trend continued with following generations and nothing less is expected from the 2016 Toyota Corolla. However, due to the fact that Japanese manufacturer just recently (for 2014MY) redesigned the popular sedan, we do not expect any significant changes with the upcoming, 2016, model.

2016 Toyota RAV4 changes, review

2016 Toyota RAV4 Front

The mid-cycle period isn’t generally the time for large changes in Toyota Company, so the newest, 2016 Toyota RAV4 isn’t getting too much remodeling. Most likely we shall experience smaller updates and occasional tucks, but the one big thing that may happen is the hybrid version. Although many hope for pure electric version, the fact that it uses combination of fuel and electric is placing him among other hybrid vehicles. New Toyota RAV4 shouldn’t change its lineup so there will still be LE, XLE and Limited trim levels.

2016 Toyota 4Runner diesel, redesign, release

2016 Toyota 4Runner Front

Japanese manufacturer set some standards in automotive world, and its 2016 Toyota 4Runner is one of those models which move the boundaries. This mid-size SUV was originally produced in 1984, and since then, Toyota revealed five generations of popular off-roadster. However, seems like 2016 model year will increase the number of its generations, since we expect a redesign for the upcoming 4Runner, and beginning of the sixth generation.

2016 Toyota Highlander Review, changes, release

2016 Toyota Highlander Front

2016 Toyota Highlander is a mid-size vehicle belonging to the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) class, which is able to accommodate up to eight passengers as it has three rows of seats. The eagerly anticipated Toyota Highlander is set to be launched in the summer of 2015, and in addition to this, will be available from a base price of $38,000.

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs, mpg, release, price

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Front

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid will be mostly carried over, since Japanese producer made some significant changes on the previous model. 2015 model year brought somewhat unexpected makeover, since Toyota redesigned its Camry for 2012 model year, which is three years ago. This decision is rather unusual, since the time between redesigns is twice longer for most car producers, including Toyota. Based on that, we can expect very little news from the new model year, which should bring practically the same model, with minor to none changes.

2016 Toyota Venza Review

2016 Toyota Venza Front

Originally presented back in 2008 as a 2009 model, this two-row crossover SUV gained sympathies of the automotive world. 2016 Toyota Venza should be representing second generation, since the current model is showing its aging. Hardly competitive segment in which Venza competes in is yet another reason why we can expect major changes from the upcoming model year.